Thank you for your interest in Sun Swing Media’s “A Gift for Kathryn.” Production on this exciting project is currently on hold until funding is completed. Below you’ll find brief video exerpts from the project in progress, production stills, and more information about project financing.

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Scene 4 – Complete

Project Summary

Proposed Budget: $7100

Computer Hardware Upgrades:
$500 (In-kind donations helpful here, I can do a lot with a 2 or 3 year old computer that is still running good otherwise.)

Software Upgrades:
$600 (if I want access to video editing software, again in-kind donations work here as well.)

Post Sound Work:
$3000 (rough estimate – I’m waiting for a more detailed quote from my sound guy.)

Production Time:
$3000 (I have a family to feed and a few small bills to pay. At this rate, this will allow me two months to work on the project and get it completed and ready for distribution. )

“A Gift for Kathryn” explores the musings of a school girl’s interests in an awkward classmate’s sudden absence from school. This entertaining treatment depicts the opposition and indifference of other classmates and of the main character’s peaceful determination to make a new friend.

There are a total of 14 scenes in this project. Production work has been completed on scenes 1 through 6. Scenes 7 -14 are still pending final production work on the animation.

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Click here to lend your support to: "A Gift for Kathryn" Animated Short Film and make a donation at !

Production Stills

Click on image for high-res copy.

bully yells at Susan
“You’re going the wrong way!” production still from scene 9.
kids running to recess
A still from scene 2 in “A Gift for Kathryn”, Kids running to recess.
"A Gift for Kathryn" title card
Title Scene for “A Gift for Kathryn”
Kami and Susan admire bracelet
Still from Scene 7 in “A Gift for Kathryn”
Kathryn reads a book
Production Still from Scene 2 in “A Gift for Kathryn”