Teaching Kids to Avoid Pornography

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Brigham Young University’s daily newspaper, the Daily Universe, ran a thoughtful article on “The Decision” in yesterday’s paper. Mark Larsen, the article’s reporter, pulled together a good collection of arguments about the video and the need for this type of … Read More

Engaging the Press

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So the press release for “The Decision” went out last Thursday. Initial response has been favorable including a posting on AWN.com, which was posted last Friday. How grateful I am for the  few seasons of experience I’ve had sending out … Read More

Worthiness after the Fact

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I wanted to take case with a particular point in your article “Creating Art to Please the Lord” that, up until this point, I’ve been the only one to read. I’ve given quite a bit of thought to it and have especially be engaged about the comments in the second to last section “Worthiness after the Fact.”

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