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Blitz – an overwhelming all-out attack, especially a swift ground attack using armored units and air support. (source:  Sun Swing Media Company invites filmmakers to compete in producing three short children’s stories taken from The Friend magazine.  All qualifying entries will screen in an online festival where the general public will have the opportunity to view and vote for their favorite films. Winning filmmakers will receive cash prizes and a distribution agreement for their completed films.

What’s a production blitz?

A production blitz is a 6-week-long event where media producers work to create a film, video, cartoon, or any other type of media project from a pre-selected story. The purpose is to encourage media production of moral children’s entertainment, while returning a substantial portion(60%) of revenue to the producers.

How do blitzes work?

A producer chooses one of the pre-selected stories schedule for the blitz, determines that they have the resources to act, and then signs up for a specific blitz “operation.” The entry fee is $20. (Late fees $25.)

Producers then go to work to create a video media project within the rules of the competition. 6 weeks later, producers will submit their completed projects via FTP online, or through the mail on a data DVD or flash drive.

At the end of the blitz, all qualifying projects will be entered into the blitz “festival” which will be conducted online and open to the general public. At the end of the festival, winning films will be awarded with cash prizes and an agreement for distribution.

Who Can Registered?

The competition is open to all. Ultimately, a combination of moral and artistic merit, coupled with audience response to the film will be the biggest deciding factors in selecting the winning films. A film project that meets these standards can come from anywhere: students, first-time filmmakers, or seasoned professionals.

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To register for a production blitz, visit the website where you will select the specific blitz project that you want to register for and pay the registration fees. To complete registration, you will be redirected to our PayPal account page. You can pay with any major credit card by selecting the “Don’t have a paypal account?” option.

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