There are four steps in a blitz: register, produce, submit, and distribute.
Here’s how is works…

  1. Registration
    1. Read and complete the pre-production checklist.
    2. Sign up at
    3. As part of your confirmation at registration, you will receive a production packet. Download the production packet which includes general and story specific information, a copy of the original story, rules and standards, and the producer/distributor agreement.
  2. Production
    1. This is where the work gets done. It’s up to you to script, storyboards, cast, film, edit and record music, all within the allotted time frame.
    2. Keep in mind that as part of the production process, you will need to also include a 15 second trailer, a minimum of two production stills, and a brief project description.
  3. Submission
    1. After you have registered (within 1-2 business days), you will be sent a unique FTP login username and password to upload your completed digital files directly to the Sun Swing Media servers. Details submission instructions on how to upload via FTP will be included.
    2. In addition to the completed film, you will be asked to include with your submission:
      • two high-resolution promotional stills
      • a brief project description
      • a 15 second trailer
      • Signed Distribution Agreement

      Click here for full production checklist.

    3. (alternative) Send completed projects on a data DVD or flash drive to the following address:

      Sun Swing Media Company
      Attn: Production Blitz
      37465 W Amalfi Ave.
      Maricopa, AZ 85138

  4. Festival and Distribution
    1. Every film that is completed and delivered before the submission deadline will be screened at the online festival. Only projects that have blatantly disregarded rules and standards will be disqualified. More festival details coming soon.
    2. Projects that do not make the submission deadline for the festival may still be considered for distribution, but will not be allowed to participate in the festival events or awards.
    3. Filmmakers receiving distribution status will receive a 60% initial return on revenue generated from their films.