Sun Swing Media productions are distinguished, first, by strict moral standards and, secondly,  the highest possible production value.

While story is the crux of each and every project, moral merit and professionalism in the production process are the supporting cast by which a production rises or falls.

Practical Limitations

  • Assigned Story –  Blitzes typically will have an assigned story for which permission has already been obtain to produce. Submitted projects will be judged based on adherence to the original story line.
  • Duration of final project – Each project will have a specified time duration within which the final product and any credits must be confined to. Films running longer in length will be penalized in judging and in consideration for distribution.
  • Registration Deadline – Each blitz has registration deadline, by which all participating filmmakers should register. A one-week, late-entry grace period will follow, with additional fees being applied ($5). No registrations will be accepted after the grace period has passed, ensuring a minimum time frame within which to work. An individual producer may begin production at any point after their individual registration has been completed.
  • Submission Deadline – Each blitz will have a fixed date and time by which all participants must complete the project. Projects not meeting the submission deadline will not be allowed to complete in the festival competition.

Moral Standards

All values depicted in the films must be in harmony with the moral standards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is not our purpose to define these standards here, but only to inform filmmakers that upon such criteria will the final selections be weighed.

Clean and wholesome humor, where appropriate, is clearly within these standards.

For questions regarding standards, please contact us.

Code of Conduct

Filmmakers are expected to be “law abiding citizens” in the execution of their productions. If there is anything that is considered to be illegal, in the production of the film, the project will be disqualified. “Don’t ask, and hope you don’t get caught” is bad form for any production that will be associated with the Sun Swing Media Company. If it cannot be done legally, there is most likely a better, more creative way to achieve the desired results.


All content submitted must be 100% original and the submitting party must be the copyright holder of the final project clear and free. Music may be purchased from a third party vendor, but rights for use must be royalty-free. These rights must also be freely transferable to the Sun Swing Media Company for distribution purposes, in exchange for use of the original story.


Projects produced in conjunction with the Sun Swing Blitz competition cannot be freely distributed online or in any other form without written permission from the various copyright holders involved in each story. Those copyright holders include the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the individual story authors, and the Sun Swing Media Company.