Animation Projects on the Distant Horizon

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I took some time this morning to update the animation page, which until then was sitting empty. I’ve now got a little bit of information posted about some of the projects and proposed projects that I am hoping to produce over the span of the next couple of years. This may prove to become a lifetime’s work at the rate that I have been moving at, however.

There are two projects that I’ve posted as “proposed” at this point. While I anticipate keeping myself busy with the short stories from the Friend Animation for another season or two. I’m looking ahead at what could potentially come after.

Happiness may become a point of self-examination as I attempt to depict the full scope and measure of happiness in family life.  At present, it is being heavily inspired by one family’s example that reflects what I myself have sought to also achieve in our family life together. Different from the Friend magazine stories, this will be a 13-part series of half-hour episodes designed to capture some of the highlights of family life when lived according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Benson, Apostle is a story that I’ve wanted to tell since the first time that I read it in Sheri Dew’s biography for President Ezra Taft Benson. The story is one that has so many fascinating angles  to be explored that for lack of a better, more inclusive title, I’ve chosen Benson, Apostle. This focus puts emphasis on the particular mission of an apostle and uses the experience of then Elder Benson’s singular trip to Europe in 1946 to help illustrate this point. If this story can actually be produced with all the blessings of Heaven that will be needed to tell it correctly, it will be in my mind nothing short of a miracle.

I am coming to learn that the Lord does want good media, but He also wants good people to produce it and become better in the process of making it. That is the real evidence of faith-based media production.  So I am moving forward, hoping that it will be accomplished.

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