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Here is a debriefing of recent developments at the Sun Swing Media Company. Highlights include initiation on a new family/kids media project, a new business partner has come on board, and the near-completion of a new kitchen/food company website.

Sun Swing Media has joined with the creative talents of two recent BYU film graduates, Randy McNair and William McAllister, for collaboration of a new children’s series. Work on the pilot episode will begin next month, July 2008. “We’re developing a new series in a medium that we’ve dubbed ‘Flash Puppetry'”, said company owner Brent Leavitt. “I’m excited about the integrity –both production value and story content– of this new project.” A working title for the series has not yet been established. However, the pilot episode is already in development, and is expecting a September 15, 2008, completion date. Sun Swing plans to distribute the series via the internet and possibly other venues will be explored once the pilot is completed.

Meanwhile, work continues to slowly move forward on the acquired property, “A Gift for Kathryn”, a short Flash animation adapted from the article that first appeared in the LDS children’s magazine, The Friend.

On other fronts, a partnership deal was struck with Ace Sorensen, a philosophy grad turned web designer, returning to Utah after a year’s work experience in the DC area. The excitement of his arrival comes in part do to his ability to complement the company’s existing skills sets, and has significantly increased our company’s marketability.

The Creative Kitchen CompanyFinallly, to conclude this update, Sun Swing is nearing the completion on the Creative Kitchen Company website. After being burned by another web firm, company owner Brandon Klippel, turned over his web development needs to the Sun Swing Media Company. In return, Sun Swing has developed a robust and scalable website. Dynamic in nature, the site features blog and commenting functions, article updating capabilities, and a calendar/schedule feature. Additionally, we’ve deployed a shopping cart as a secondary website using the increasingly popular Magento Commerce shopping cart. The sites are expected to be turned live later this week.



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Brent is married to a very supportive woman, is father of a large family, and went into business for himself in 2006.

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