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As a part of our efforts to increase exposure and awareness of “The Decision,” my wife has volunteered to begin the very arduous task of contacting bloggers individually to do a review on the short animation. The response has been encouraging in a big way.  Below is a list of those who have taken up the invitation to spread the word — each with their own unique take on the subject, each caring deeply about the importance of this project. We can only say thank you for your participation, but we wish we could do more.

“The film introduces a topic that parents increasingly need to discuss with their children. The issue is no longer: how to prevent children from seeing such material, but: how to help your children know what to do if (when) they do… ‘The Decision’ provides the positive reinforcement of showing boys who made the right choice… The film also illustrates how critical it is to have parents involved with their children, building a relationship of confidences based on the security of love.”  (from Looking Out My Backdoor)

“At first I wondered how young people would respond to the quite simple animations but I knew that the simple yet profound story-line would be perfect for young audiences.  So I tested it on my 4 year old and I think his review is much more significant than mine.

“I started the video for my little boy and he immediately seemed engaged.  Afterward, he instantly asked if he could watch it again.  I played it one more time and then we talked.  I asked him what the video was about and he answered ‘pornography’.  We talked about what happened and he definitely recognized the good choice that the boys made in the film and how proud all of their parents were of them.  After our short discussion he asked, ‘Could I watch it again sometime if I want to?’  I said yes and told him that we could maybe watch it for FHE sometime and he said, ‘We should’ve watched that video last night for FHE.'” (from Becoming LDS)

“‘The Decision’ cautions children to stay away from pornography, and gives them an example of what to do if they come across it (i.e. talk to a grownup). As cute as it is, it still does the job without being too preachy. A pro for the video is that it is straightforward regarding what pornography is, and how we may come across it. A con is that there is a lot of down-time without explanation of what is going on. As an adult, I can understand that it is giving the animated kids time to feel confused about porn, but it may not come across that way to a younger audience. ” (from LIV(E))

“I love the idea behind these videos.  My little boy is 4 and loves getting his Friend magazine in the mail each month.  These videos will be a great supplement to the stories he sees in there…

“Would I buy this video for download?  For the $1.00 price tag, absolutely!  Not because this particular video was 100% captivating, but because I know that as Sun Swing Media produces more and more videos, the quality will become better and we NEED more child-friendly entertainment options available for our families.” (from Still Wandering)

“I stopped doing sponsored blog posts a long time ago. However, I continued to read the email and realized that this is a product that I truly am interested in…

“One thing I really appreciate about the website is that along with the video, they also share the link to the original story, as well as a link to a Family Home Evening lesson idea. I think that having resources available such as these are important in guiding our children to make righteous choices. I will definitely be looking for their future videos to help supplement teaching in our home.” (from Adventures in Hong Kong… Tales from the Wan Family)

“And when I say Friend, I mean The Friend, as in The Friend magazine. This start-up called Sun Swing Media Company is producing what they hope will be a series of animated videos from The Friend magazine. They need to sell at least 5,000 in order to be able to produce the next video in the series. Please help them out and go buy one!” (from The Welcome Mat)

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