Mormon Cinema and the Web

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LDS Cinema is quickly moving to the web and finding a broad acceptance online. Read on to learn more. 

Randy Astle, the LDS Film Historian behind the comprehensive history about the same, has recently written a defining article on the impact of the Internet on LDS/Mormon Cinema. Having already defined five distinct waves or periods of time in LDS Cinema, Astle seems to be anticipating the arrival of the sixth wave and the already ample early evidence of its arrival.

With his article in mind, last week, the day after Easter, I received a random email from Christopher Clark of Propel Pictures. He and Patrick Parker were responsible for the quick adaptation of Elder Holland’s General Conference message: “None Were With Him” that enjoyed most viewed video for the weekend of Easter on YouTube. As of that Monday following Easter, the video had be seen over a quarter-million times! As of this writing about a week and a half later, that total has climbed to nearly half a million views. 

Clark and Parker are also responsible for “Lessons I Learned as a Boy”, another notable Mormon Message film that was recently launched on the Church’s YouTube page. I very much appreciated the twist in that story, which was completely unexpected. To me, that is the power and engaging advantage we have in telling the stories of Christ. These stories have broad acceptance beyond our religious circles and are easily applicable and engaging on multiple levels. I hope that we can see more quality work from the team at Propel Pictures soon!

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