Mormon Messages for Children?

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“Mormon Messages for Kids” reads one of our Google ads. “LDS Kids Videos” and “Friend Magazine Videos” are a couple of the other ads that have caught people’s attention online. The response has been overwhelmingly positive suggesting only one thing: there is a huge demand and a dearth of supply. We’re working to fix that.

In selecting the term “Mormon Messages for Kids,” there was a degree of hesitancy on both my wife and I’s part, as we know that there is no official endorsement by the Church nor any organization therein for the final products that we have produced. The reason for using the term however was because we felt that there are many people looking for what we have started in children’s entertainment, that are not finding it.

The challenge with an adwords campaign is to think of the terms that people who are searching for your product would use, whether directly or indirectly, and try to drive traffic from them. Additionally, Google charges notably more if the title of the advertisement is not directly related to the keywords being searched for. So to advertise for the key term “Mormon Messages” but to have the ad title say “LDS kids videos” is more expensive (notably more so). So instead for those particular keywords results, we use “Mormon Messages for Kids.”

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  1. Speaking of Mormon. Have you heard that there is a Mormon running for President of the country of Mali, West Africa? Visit his website.

  2. Brent Leavitt

    Ha! This comment has nothing to do with my blog, or this specific post, but I’ve approved it just to give my support to Samaké. If I could vote in the Malian elections, I’d vote for him! Thanks for the comment.

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