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An exciting announcement arrived in my inbox over the weekend:

August 22, 2009

In an effort to increase collaboration among LDS filmmakers throughout the world, there is a new social networking website called the LDS Filmmakers’ Network. The site will serve as the online gathering place for Mormon film, television, and media professionals throughout the world by helping Church members in these industries meet, collaborate, receive feedback, and enhance both their work and the strength of the Church throughout the globe. It is open to all Latter-day Saints over 18 years of age regardless of professional experience, regardless of whether their films are gospel-themed or mainstream; it seeks to enhance, not replace, existing resources like, the LDS Film Festival, and the Mormon Literature & Creative Arts Database.

What makes this network unique from these and other online groups and gathering places for LDS film professionals is its interactivity and inclusion of smaller more specific groups within the larger network. Members are asked to join one geographical group to let others know where they live. There are then 66 professional groups with categories like directors, producers, screenwriters, actors, and more technical positions like motion capture specialists, caterers, location managers, animal wranglers, accountants, musicians, choreographers, gaffers, and everything else both above and below the line. By combining these two categories of groups, network members should be able to find a casting director in the southeast United States, an assistant director in Western Europe, or a Foley artist in southern California.

It is hoped that this resource will make the Mormon filmmaking community more connected and robust. Those interested may view and join the network at

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