Primary Children to Animate the Book of Mormon

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A group of Primary children in lower Connecticut will be producing a series of short films from stories in the Book of Mormon. Under the direction of a seasoned media veteran and their local ecclesiastical leader, Joe Summerhays, children ages 12 and younger in their local LDS congregation will gather for several weekends this month to create traditional stop-motion animated stories. 

My brother is an animator at Blue Skies Animation Studio which recently moved its offices to Connecticut from White Plains, NY, a suburb of the Big Apple. In his new ward (a local LDS Church congregation) where he has moved to in Connecticut, the local ecclesiastical leader, Bishop Joe Summerhays, is a creative media professional who teaches classes on media production to children of all ages. A couple years ago (I don’t know exactly how many), their ward’s primary children (ages 12 and younger) got together for a series of Saturday activities to make simple animated stories from the Bible.

This month under the direction of Bishop Summerhays, my brother along with a handful of other animators from Blue Skies are planning a series of short films inspired by the Book of Mormon. The animation process will employ traditional stop-motion technologies and take several weekend gatherings to accomplish the projects. The project will colunate with a screening of the films  at a local movie theater. The event will be held free to the public. 

This is about the extent of details that I have and this is all word of mouth, so please don’t quote this posting for authenticity’s sake. 🙂 The Friend Magazine (the official LDS Church publication for children) will be convering the event in more details. We’ll have to wait until then to get the full story. 

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