Script Completed for “The Do-Gooders-Club”

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I’ve turned my little one-man show into a “mom and pop” establishment, working along side my wife now. She’s been a good task master in a good many ways. And still the blessings come and are flowing.

One of those blessings has been to work on the script for “The Do-Gooders-Club,” another story from The Friend magazine series. I enjoyed a brief conversation with the story’s author, Lori Mortensen, last week over the phone. Over the past couple of days, I’ve taken the end of the work day hours to create a script, which for me is really little more than just reformatting the original story and taking into consideration the visual elements and how thoughts and feelings will be conveyed on the screen. I don’t fancy myself as a great screenwriter, but instead of selected stories that already are quite visual in their original telling. This is partly what makes them so engaging.

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