Refine, Polish, Repeat

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I would say that the single, most important step in making my business to succeed up to this point has been to figure out what exactly my personal mission is. Stepping into the spiritual realm for just a moment, I believe and do know from experience, that everyone has a specific purpose for being here. Just as Hugo Cabret concluded: people are like parts of a machines; there are no extra pieces; everyone has a purpose. The amazing challenge that lies before each of us is to find that purpose and pursue it.

That has been the pursuit of my vocation, which unfortunately has not brought any great wealth or reward up to this point in time. However, I will say that I have the satisfaction of knowing now what my purpose in life is (both on macro and micro scales, both in personal and professional circles).  Having had figured this out, I am no longer compelled to waste my time in money making schemes so that I can get miserably rich. Miserable is exactly the outcome that would result, whether or not such schemes succeeded at producing wealth or not.

I mention this this morning as a little tidbit to business success, because there is one thing that every successful and happy business (and human being) has in common, someone with motivation and drive to accomplish the designed objective. I now feel empowered to do things that I had only thought about doing before, but without the drive or determination to do so.

So what are those objectives and goals? Well, that’s more of a personal matter and not really the purpose of this post.  How have I come to understand what that personal mission for me is? Through much prayer, fasting, work, and education. In short, I think it could be summed up as “refine, polish, and repeat.”  Hope this helps!

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Brent is married to a very supportive woman, is father of a large family, and went into business for himself in 2006.

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  1. Thomas

    Nice comments. I like your thoughts around drive and determination. I was in a story seminar recently and we talked about one trait that all interesting characters seem to have: Determination. If a character lacks that trait, regardless of their flaws they become less interesting to watch. Not sure if that has much to do with your post. but it’s interesting none the less. Thanks for sharing, Brent.

  2. Brent Leavitt

    I think that’s dead on, Tom. What makes for good story telling also makes for good business, as strange as that may seem on the surface.

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