The Redemption of a Mouse

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New York Times Article

I read yesterday an article from the New York Times analyzing the merger of Pixar into the Disney structure. This particular treatment of the subject was an interesting and insightful read. Here’s some key thought that have stayed with me.

  • Uses the strengths of the company to be merge with to fix problems in the existing organization. Pixar has taken over supervision of animation productions.
  • Take time in transitioning the new company into the existing company. This is the wisdom of Robert Iger at the helm of Disney have experienced already two mergers in his own professional career.
  • It’s also noteable that he has allowed so much of Pixar’s identity to stay in tact. He doesn’t feel a need to merge and purge.

On a different plane, I’m contemplating the sound strategic practices that have empowered these companies. Pixar has redeemed Disney, so to speak. The question I keep tossing around is should Disney have been redeemed? 

But then I ask myself, fundamentally is there anything wrong with this? To see a merger like this is progress, and maybe even in some way a degree of salvation for those that are involved. Those individuals have probably sweat and labored more than is public knowledge to make such a monstrous organization as is Disney merge with a smaller visionary company like Pixar. It seems that if this weren’t such a cut-throat industry, there may be more applauding and rejoicing.


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