“Why No Moral Movies”

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I was reviewing the search terms this morning that are bring people to my website, and one of them (though it was a bounced result) was the question, “Why No Moral Movies?” So doing a search, I was curious to see where my website would show up in search results for the term. It was no where near the top… but there was on Yahoo’s Q & A nearly the same question posed.  I’m not very satisfied with the answers posted, so that I thought I’d present my own answer here.

So here was the question:

Why do movies/books no longer have any moral lessons and why do they appeal to many people?

What is so unsatisfying about today’s movie going experience is that the majority of those that go to the movies now are outside of the traditional family model.  Film business executive are paying attention to that, while ignoring the majority of the population who no longer goes to films because their values are different. The family mentality is also more of frugal mindset. We’ve outpriced our movies to be accessible to the family pocketbook. Again, then who will pay for the high price of a premiere movie ticket? Not the family values crowd.  (Though, arguably, the family market is still the most lucrative market for film production.)

I could go on about how there is a need for film makers to adhere to moral standards in film making, but I think that this particular variable is in the hands of the film business executives. They are the ones handling the money that controls the film makers. And there are few (if any?),  film business executives out there willing to take the financial risk to support moral movie entertainment. Why? Probably because they don’t have families of their own that are of greater worth than their pocket books.

Of course, that’s the simplton-outsider answer. Considering the complex dynamics of modern business making decisions, it would take the intervention of a truly heaven-inspired individual to maintain moral conviction in the world of movie business production.  This is the real answer. There is much work to be done.

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