What can we do for free? Quite a bit. Take a look at some of our recent freebie projects, then submit your name to be considered for the next Free Web Design give-a-way.

June 2012 – Manwaring Innovations

What started out as a free web design promo on the last Friday in June, turned into a full-fledged WordPress template build. While Manwaring Innovations got the design work done for free, they in turn agreed to take it one step further and turn the site into a WordPress theme.

Spring 2012 – New Beginnings Doula Training

Evidence that you really can get your website of the grown for next to nothing. This website uses a free WordPress template from NattyWP, allowing for the site owner to focus on the site’s content rather than the design. Sun Swing Media has come on board to provide modest tweaks and revisions as needed.