Try Sun Swing Media’s website hosting service for free for the first year when you pay the domain name registration fee.  Normally a $60 value,  we’re so convinced that you’ll be absolutely thrilled with the savings and worry free service, that you’ll stay on board for subsequent years.

What’s more? This isn’t a cheap, over crowded web hosting from a company over seas. Sun Swing Media uses a cloud-based hosting solution (like Google and Amazon) from industry leader Rack Space based out of Texas.

What that means for you is that your website is not relegated to an overcrowded computer with 100 other websites only to crash when one of them get’s a spike in traffic. Instead your website is securely distributed across a chain of computers that expands and contracts as demands require. That means a 99% up-time, regardless of what other websites are doing. Try out Sun Swing Media’s free website hosting services today!

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