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So I’m a father of five children, four of which are boys between the ages of 9 and 3. Each has had a front-row seat to the development of “The Decision.” So it’s been something that we’ve even taken for granted — that Dad’s making a video about three boys that choose not to look at pornography. However, after last Monday evening’s Family Home Evening, I am grateful that we took the time to have a sit down discussion about it.

My wife and I sat down last week to create a Family Home Evening lesson plan that incorporates the use of “The Decision” as the center piece for a discussion on pornography. It took a good part of one day to pull together. I had by myself grappled with a possible lesson plan for more than a week or two. When discussing this with my wife, the direction to take the lesson become more evident: empowering kids to know that they can choose not to look at pornography.

Come Monday evening, we put this lesson to the test on my own family. Here’s something of a report on how it went:

The focus activity that I created specifically for this lesson includes two mazes. I made the easy maze intentionally very simple, but even my three-(almost four)year-old thought it was easy. The harder one was a good challenge though, even for my oldest child. The mazes were good in teaching the kids about making choices in an objective manner.

Then we watched “The Decision,” which my children were quoting right and left because they were so familiar with it. The real magic however came in the discussion that followed afterwards. We talked about choices and how good choices made it possible to make more good choices. We discussed the there were pictures in the magazine that they were looking at that were not appropriate. In our discussion, we were clear and direct about talking about the “bad things” that were found in the magazine, without dwelling on the point. There were a few giggles and uncomfortable smiles during the discussion, but at the end, I was able to reassure each of my children that they could make the right choice to not look at pornography.

A sweet spirit was in our home after the lesson concluded that caused me to reflect on how important this conversation was to protect our children. I would encourage anyone and everyone to do the same if you haven’t done something similar already. I felt “The Decision” was extremely helpful in presenting the topic of pornography in a not-so-awkward setting, dwelling on the fact that kids can make the right choice to not look at pornography.

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  1. Candy Allen

    I just watched The Decision and printed the FHE lesson with the mazes. I also went to the LDS website and printed out the subsequent talks that correspond. Thank you for putting this together. What a wonderful resource for families. It is a difficult subject to navigate with children. With this lesson plan and video- I feel a calm sense of assurance that providing them with the I Can Choose plan- will help prepare them for the time when unfortunately they will be faced with decisions such as these.

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