Talking to Kids about Pornography

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With the release of “The Decision,” my focus has been on finding ways in which to market this sort film. It was never my intention to become anything of an advocate against one of the deadlier plagues of our time, but increasingly, my thoughts are drawn in that direction. From talking with church leaders, I’m starting to realize that I’ve managed to escape the disease of pornography relatively unscathed. I count that as a blessing, especially when I’ve seen the painful path of destruction that it causes to those who are subjected to it. Almost inevitably, families are shattered once pornography grabs hold of a victim.

Realizing my Position

I’ve used some strong verbage in the introduction to this post — something I was more prone to do in younger years, but also a tactic that I’ve tried to shy away from more as I grow older. Yet the deafing, blinding, and corrosive effects of this deadly disease are worthy of every counteractive defense that one could render to avoid it. Pornography, and it close associate, sexually suggestive content, are now being marketed to our children through major motion picture studios with hardly the bat of an eye from any of the viewing public. We’ve grown desensitized.

It strikes me as I am sitting here, that most of the world doesn’t understand the reason for the strategic onslaught of pornographic activity. There is, in general, an ignorance about the great war that is raging on, unknown to most. Additionally, there is a reason why the children are becoming the primary targets for pornographic exposure, at an increasingly earlier age.

Understanding the Backstory

The war that rages on is in the unseen realms (this will start to sound mythical or like a good bit of science fiction to those who are not familiar with my personal convictions),  and there is a master deceiver who is fighting to destroy the one thing that he cannot, nor will he ever be able to have: a tangible body of flesh and blood.  Now in centuries past, he was content to insight war in the hearts of the people and that could bring an early end to populations that would have otherwise know peace, but this time the people have grown more educated, and more sophisticated.  Hence, so are the tactics of this great deceiver.

All this has come because of at least one great truth, the anticipated return of the King, who will come to claim a kingdom and a people who are anticipating His return.  The objective on the opposition is to keep as many away from that glorious return, and even worse, to cause many to fear the King’s return.

What the unseen opposition, as well as the seen, concerted ally forces,  knows is that our bodies are the very instruments for which we are fighting. Is this fight real? In very deed, it is the reality of the world in which we are a part of.

Dissecting the Weapon

So why pornography? Why is this being used as the weapon of choice? I can think of two reasons.

First, pornography destroys personal cleanliness and the self-confidence that comes from having a clear conscience. The light of Christ (the aforementioned King) gets extinguished from within us. It is a controlling poison that is as harmful to the mind and heart as any other addiction.

Secondly, it ravages and destroys the framework of family. It becomes difficult to impossible for two people to live peaceably together as husband and wife when either is being controlled by pornography. If that relationship is jeopardized, then a healthy environment for children to grow in becomes impossible.  When a family is destroyed, in so many ways it is the end of life (and happiness and joy and peace) for the one that has destroyed it.

Talking to Our Kids about Pornography

This is why we should be talking to our kids about pornography. “The Decision” is an easy way to initiate a family discussion.  Simple questions would be appropriate to begin. After you watch “The Decision” with your family, you might ask questions like the following:

  • What were the boys looking at in the magazine that was so bad?
  • What is pornography?
  • Why did the boys in the video feel bad when they looked at the magazine?
  • How did those boys make the right decision?
  • Where else can we see pornography, if we’re not careful?

How much detail you go into and how much back story you choose to give will depend entirely upon your own family circumstances.  Your children may already understand and have been exposed to pornography. Calm and peaceful responses to any discoveries made during the process of question and answers will encourage further family discussion.

Additionally, I would encourage family prayer to be offered both before and after the video and discussion takes place. We all need the Lord’s help in protecting our children against pornography.

Rewarding the Valiant

Enjoying Ice Cream SandwichesFinally, if you do plan to have a discussion with your kids about pornography, I would strongly recommend having a box of ice cream bars or sandwiches on hand for afterwards. I don’t have a particular favorite in this regard, but I’m sure your local grocer will be able to point you in the right direction if you need help making a selection. Taking this extra measure will help to keep the family setting comfortable and inviting for children.

In the end, this will not be a one time only discussion that you hopefully will have with your children, as it has not been in our own home.  It is something that as they grow and experience the world around them that we come back to from time to time.

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