The True Stories of Christ

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The time is at hand for me to start work on yet another exciting chapter in the evolving purpose for the Sun Swing Media Company. I suppose for a company of one (two if I count my wife) official announcements aren’t much of a big to-do, so there’s not really any fear of letting the cat out of the bag prematurely, so to speak.

Yet, before I jump to the “big” news, here is the reason for it. It has been brought to my attention, on several occasions, how the true stories of Mormonism are actually the continuation of the work of Christ in our day. What is most interesting about the bulk of Christian and even a fair amount of LDS media is that, and especial for children, we are only telling the stories of Christ anciently, those that are taken from the Scriptures. Now that’s all fine and good, but there is a reality of which as LDS media producers that we must come to appreciate.

Starting with Joseph Smith, who did the best with what established Christianity had given him, and then had God the Father and His Son appear to him, the opening of a new canon of living scripture began to be written more abundantly. In reality, only the doctrines and the covenants associated with that “scripture” have been recorded and officially canonized. The stories have not been committed to scripture in our day, except for the very beginning of Joseph Smith’s work as a prophet. But the stories of the rise and spread of the work of Christ in our day are here and they are here in abundance.

It is not my purpose here to elaborate in greater detail at this moment in time about the stories, these true stories of Christ’s modern ministry. Yet, it is the recognition that there are so very few of such stories being told, that has promoted me to organize a film festival dedicated exclusively to the story telling of the work of Christ in our day, with all its attended suffering, hardship, dedication, work, and rejoicing.

Without having worked out details of any venue or other logistics, of which I know there is much to do, I am beginning work on the development of an online and local film/media festival in Phoenix metropolitan area. To stay abreast of the latest details, like “Sun Swing” on Facebook or sign up for our email newsletter. Our Facebook page is setup to receive our latest blog updates. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed for the site directly located at the top or bottom of any page on the site.

Why? Because the sun is rising.

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