Sun Swing Theater: Download New LDS Kids Videos

The Sun Swing Media Company’s primary operations are to create media entertainment for families and children inspired by stories from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(LDS) . These “LDS kids videos” are at the very heart and soul of our operations.

“The Decision”

LDS Kids Video: The DecisionOur first short video was actually slated as the second to go into production, but ultimately ended up being the first video for sale through Sun Swing Media’s Theater and Media Shop. Dealing with the topic of pornography was a hard first sale, but this original kids’ video, and accompanying Family Home Evening lesson, help to bridge an otherwise difficult topic for any parent to have to discuss with their young children.

The original story for this short 4 minute kids’ video was first taken from the LDS children’s magazine, “The Friend”. Permission to produce this story and the others that will follow have been obtained from both the LDS Intellectual Properties office and the individual authors.

“A Gift for Kathryn”

LDS Kids Videos: A Gift for KathrynOur pilot project, this beautiful story shows how hard it can be to go out of our way to help a classmate in need. In in a time and place where school yard bullies abound, one student with the encouragement of her mother goes out of her way to visit a sick classmate.

“A Gift for Kathryn” is scheduled to be completed in 2013.

On the Horizon

LDS Kids VIdeo: The Do-Gooders ClubOnce “A Gift for Kathryn” reaches post-production status, production will commence on our next slated in-house production, “The Do-Gooders Club”. This story illustrates how inter-faith friendships can accomplish much good, regardless of differences.

We are currently actively working on other initiatives to increase the production of more LDS kids videos and also seeking additional content producers to get involved in our media production process.  Check back regularly for latest updates on current and upcoming projects, or sign up for FacebookPinterest, or RSS feeds.