Choosing Good Family Movies to Watch

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My wife and I had an extended conversation this morning about how to best be using this blog. After tossing around the idea for about an hour, we concluded that in order for us to change the landscape of movie viewing in the United States and beyond, we need to be more purposeful and meaningful in the movies that we choose to watch.

As an avid blogger in women’s birth choices, my wife has been doing something similar for expectant moms for the past few months, providing them with a venue to learn about their choices when giving birth. It’s proven very successful. I, on the other hand, with just as much interest in helping people to make good choices in movies and entertainment (partly by adding to the available movie selection), am realizing that I can be doing the same thing for good choices in family movie entertainment.

We also discussed a couple of other interesting points that I’ll make note of here:

  • We need to not feel condemned or judged for our past choices in movies and entertainment, if we are to consider anything else.
  • At the same time, to make better choices in movie entertainment, we must feel that the choice is ours.
  • The final goal is to enable us to choose and to be choosy about our entertainment. Ultimately, the choice is ours.

You wouldn’t eat a bad banana would you? Then why watch a bad movie? Let’s go exploring.

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