Devoid of Ambiguity

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I’m debating two different topics this morning: a discussion on forthrightness(that is, defining who we are) or a more practical discussion on distribution models. Perhaps we’ll meld the two together this morning. 

I’ve recently began work with a new business partner, Ace Sorensen,  who on his first interview was introduced to the whole spectrum of business operations for our company. My wife was fearful that I was placing too much on him, but I felt I had to be upfront with him about where I feel this company is heading. 

While our current operation are primarily in web design (which is what Ace has come on board to help with), we are increasingly going the direction of digital media entertainment. But so is the rest of the world… so the real challenge is in defining a market in digital media entertainment that is worth pursuing. 

This is where I get romantic (in the philosophical sense) and am developing a set of ideals based off of my religious convictions as a Latter-day Saint (Mormon). As impossible as it would be to define who I am without my religion, so it would be to define or understand the business that I’ve created without my convictions.

These consideration in mind, I have defined the market which we are pursuing as the moral family entertainment market. My morals obviously being defined by my religions tenants. So while I choose to pursue the development of stories about Latter-day Saints, and not to underplay their religion, I feel that the market is far broader than it has ever previously been explored. Of course the only way to really prove this is to do it. So this is where I end so that I may get to work. 

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