Media as Carrier of the Great Plague

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Consider this with me for a moment. Pornography, violence, and the overall moral decay of our day is a disease that has been transmitted via our media. These are the viruses of the modern media. This idea was presented to me through an Education Week presentation via BYU-TV’s website by religious instructor Scott A. Robley. The talk was entitled “Teach the Children—Immunizing Against Immorality”.

Perhaps, with the prevalent nature of this sweeping plague in mind, I have felt strongly to emphasize, and re-emphasize the point that the salient feature that distinguishes the Sun Swing Media Company is our commitment to moral leadership in media production.

It requires a discerning eye to understand the need for such a distinction upfront. It requires so much more effort to define and refine moral leadership in the hours of production. Our objective is to not only create media devoid of the any trance of the malicious plague, but to raise a banner of freedom from the debilitating effects of such. 


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