Moral Leadership in Filmmaking

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I opened up a journal from 2008 last evening. I was reminded of some of my notes about moral leadership in filmmaking. This morning, I’m reviewing a couple of old posts from back in the same time period.  The principles declared therein have weighed themselves upon my mind again this morning. Here’s what a few years’ perspective brings to the table.

The biggest problem that I grapple with myself on an almost daily basis nowadays is that I am hardly producing anything substantial to demonstrate my points related to moral leadership in entertainment.  That has changed most recently with the completion of “The Decision.” Without production, there is no need for moral leadership to cultivate and shape anything.

Not to discount those organizations that seek to reform Hollywood through legal intervention, but I don’t feel change will come this way. It will only happen as filmmakers of their own accord choose to cultivate their work with the fertile soils of morality. Perhaps I should go back and study out the life of some of our classical Hollywood filmmakers like Frank Capra. Not that there are not filmmakers out there today that are embracing this, but until there is a mass embracing of morality by filmmakers, there will be no change in our current media climate.

In the meantime, I think that I will work a little harder to define these principles of moral truth that need to be embraced by filmmakers today. Does anyone want to help?

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