The Objective of My Vocation

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If there is any object that God has placed before me, it is in the reclaiming of moral standards in media entertainment production and consumption. And if such be the stated goals of my intent, then I see no foul in aiming to depict the lives of those responsible for establishment of what has proven to be the most effective Christian religion  that has ever flowed through the hearts of honest seekers of truth.

Mormonism, generally speaking at best, is regarded abroad as a well-intentioned group of generally naive constituents who are clueless to the realities of the world in which they are a part of.  However, what remains yet to be seen is that Mormons, among all people, have found the path out of the world and it’s oppressive rituals through faith on the Redeemer of Israel, who is also the Savior of the world, and that their stories are equally, if not more so, compelling in depth and scope to anything that has yet been depicted on stage or screen.

There is little entertainment as of yet, that even has begun to penetrate the broad eroding false messages of our time.  But if it be my privilege to assist in such an endeavor as this in my lifetime, then all the more will I praise the name of my God. I pray that such a day may come, and that I may prove worthy enough to contribute some small part to the entertainment of the righteous.

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