Teaching Kids to Avoid Pornography

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I Think This Is What's Called PornBrigham Young University’s daily newspaper, the Daily Universe, ran a thoughtful article on “The Decision” in yesterday’s paper. Mark Larsen, the article’s reporter, pulled together a good collection of arguments about the video and the need for this type of material.

Reading through the article caused me to realize that really there is probably no better or more appropriate age to talk to kids about pornography. Brandon Patrick, a clinical social worker, said that the average age for first pornography exposure is 9 years old.  Patrick also made a very interesting observation at the end of the article. “They need to have an adult that they can go to that will educate them and be open with them about it, instead of making them feel more shameful,” he said. “Shame is what drives addiction.”

The parent interaction depicted in “The Decision” then was not only important, from this perspective, it is essential in combating pornography. This is part of the wisdom of Nycole Larsen’s story, and reinforces the choice that was made to stay true to the original story.

When Mark interviewed me, he asked me about my own experiences in wanting to produce it. I told him that there was no immediate impact on my family as a result of a pornography addiction, but that at the same time, there were many around me that had had their families shattered as a result. Some of those became notable contributors to the project.

To read the full article, visit the Daily Universe.

To purchase a copy of “The Decision,”  visit the Sun Swing video store.

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