New Beginnings

Since shifting professional focus to New Beginnings Childbirth Services, I have used my talents in video production and animation to help sell our business services.

The Heart of Being a Doula

What makes New Beginnings Doula Training unique? This explainer video uses a simple animation style and color pallet to explain its key selling points.

Early Finish Options

New Beginnings Doula Training features three payment options. This explainer video uses chalkboard like animation to illustrate.

Sun Swing

Sun Swing represents the dreams of my professional career. These two short films were produced in 2011.

The Decision

Three friends stumble across something they shouldn’t look at.

The Valentine

The Valentine was the first 3rd party film produced and acquired for Sun Swing.

20 Films in 20 Days

The original goal was 30 films, but after 20 days, family demands got in the way, and I had already proven what I believed to be true.

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Freedom is not something given, it is something earned. There is no other film that quite captures the essence of me.

Second Life

An engaging look at two neighboring buildings, their purpose and few insightful commentaries on life.

The Bishop

Done in two parts and put together on the second day, this story comes from the pioneer era on the Arizona Mexican border.

Gathered In

A symbolic play on the theme of safely being gathered in.


This is the sad tale of how one year, I joined forces with a couple of friends to compete in a local 24-hour filmmaking competition. We shot and completed the film within the required time frame and ended up with something that was… meh. The second year, I went at it solo just to see what would happen. Embarrassingly, I took 2nd place out of more than 50 films!

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Two Old Men

Two Old Men, 24 Hr Film Competition Entry
First year in the competition, here’s what we did with two puppets and animation skills in 24 hrs.

La Leyenda de la Tortilla

Not much more than a glorified storyboard with a dynamic color scheme, this story conveyed the meaning of the theme while employing a predetermined prop (a rock) and key phrase: “I’m the one who…”

School Projects

A Toy Princess

“A Toy Princess” – A BYU student adaptation of a classic children’s story. This senior-year project allowed me to explore my skills as a producer, while working with a handful of wildly creative, and slightly quirky individuals.

Peach Baby

“Peach Baby” – A tender tale of a boy’s desires to be like his dad. This off-hours side project was heavily informed by a great deal of my education and the environment of filmmaking that I was exposed to at the time.