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(I’m still working on this page, but until I get the detail pulled together you can CONTACT ME or SIGN UP HERE by purchasing a year long contract through Paypal. We’ll figure out domain name details after you sign up.)


  • $60/year or $6/month (2-month minimum to start)
  • No contract, cancel anytime.
  • Linux setup with MySQL database and email included.
  • One domain name registration included.

Getting a website up and running is a two step process. The first is securing a unique web address (ex. This web address is more commonly referred to as a domain name. Think of this as your street address on your home. It is nothing more than an alpha-numeric code that tells people how to get to your house.

The second step is setting up a space on the Internet for your domain name to point to. This is known as the hosting service. It is a computer or group of computers called a server that has a set of folders set aside to hold your website’s information.  This information actually has a numeric code associated with it, but it uses the domain name (like a street address) to tell everyone on the web where your website is located.

Both domain names and hosting services have costs associated with them. Many companies handle both of these tasks together, but there are also a few larger domain name registration companies (commonly called registrars) that deal primarily in domain names, not hosting services.

Sun Swing Media uses services from a well established domain name registrar ( and a separate cloud-based  hosting service ( to give our customers top notch service at a very affordable price.

Hosting with Sun Swing Media is what we like to call full service. In a world of do-it-yourself discounts, we’ve found that most of our clients prefer to have us handle the domain name registration and hosting for them.

Full service means we’ll take care of you and your web service needs.

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