Photo taken on 6 January 2017 at home in Maricopa, Arizona

Because the story is at the heart of every meaningful orchestrated interaction, and because we want stories that strongly emanate light (wholesomeness, goodness, lasting joy or happiness), these standards guide our efforts to create entertainment.

The Three Pillars of Light Entertainment

  • The Light Standard (higher law) – Faith, Inspire, Hopeful, Family & Children, Honesty, Truth, Christ.
  • The Entertainment Standard – It has to be entertaining. Artistry. Refinement of Craft.
  • The Moral Standard (lower law) – Family Values/Strength of Youth/Mosaic Law/10 Commandments/etc.

The Entertainment and Moral Standards are essential, yet almost entirely invisible in the face of the Light Standard. In other words, the lesser two standards help facilitate the focal point on the Light Standard. In is hard to accomplish the Light Standard without ensuring that the other two pillars are also in place and being appropriately attended to.