Responsive Design for Political Candidate Campaign Websites

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I don’t blog often about my web related work. I am slowly in the process of shifting the main website to house all aspects of my business. Web design has been my sole source of income over these past five years. It’s about time that I started giving back.

This is something of a thank you note to Eddie Machado over at for his wonderful work on the Bones framework for WordPress. What Mr. Machado has provided is a very easy way to get a new website up and running with a responsive theme for WordPress that makes launching a new website that looks sharp across all browsers and platforms.

Responsive Design…

For beginners, responsive design is simply the process of making a website’s presentation respond according to the device which is being used to view it. The content does not change. It is simple reformatted or restructured so that it is readable and accessible across all browser formats.

… For Political Campaigns

As I’m working to get myself reestablished in a new state (I recently moved back to my home state of Arizona), I’ve gotten myself involved in some local business activities.  As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in the campaign for a local candidate for county sheriff. This is my first time working with any sort of political campaign up close.

Knowing that there wouldn’t be a lot of money involved in this project up front, we needed to get a website online quickly — one that wouldn’t be a huge sacrifice of time on my end, but still give a strong sense of credibility to the candidate.  The answer was to get a clean WordPress website setup. I was looking for a simple framework to serve as a starting point for a site that would be responsive. The Bones framework does just that.

To see the site in action, visit

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