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There is something beautiful about the idea of customer service that resonates deep within us, even long after the full service gas stations have disappeared.

I’ve gotten pretty handy at building website and getting them up and running online for my clients. When I first started into this business, back in 2006, I was very excited by the do-it-yourself solutions out there that would let site owners create their own website information. However, when time becomes a reality, most of of my clients just wanted someone who knew what they were doing to get it done right.

While there are plenty of do-it-yourself options out there, I’ve taken a different approach with  good old-fashion customer service. There’s something genuinely beautiful about picking up the phone and talking to someone, or even going to a location and meeting with one of my clients in person.

One way in which I have worked to extend that full service relationship with my web clients is through how I handle  a client’s  website  hosting and domain name registration.  In the spirit of let-me-do-that-for-you, I register domain names and setup hosting accounts as part of  the initial client setup package.

For newcomers to website development, every website needs two essential elements in order to even exist: a domain name and a hosting account. The domain name is like a street address for your house. The hosting account is like the actual house itself. It’s where your website lives.  Now setting up both the domain name and hosting account are not terribly complicated processes.

However, there is a learning curve involved,  both in understanding what is needed and why, then forget about wading through the “add-ons” that most  hosting services provide. Most services are not needed, despite the alerts and warnings associated with each. I don’t get into the whole automated  account reseller thing as I see it as something more of a dishonest and disconnected substitute to real customer service. But I think I’ve gotten side-tracked.

So in short, I like the idea of full service web hosting and domain name registration. My clients don’t have to worry about the process and in the end we’ve save time for my clients and me.

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Brent is married to a very supportive woman, is father of a large family, and went into business for himself in 2006.

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