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The Symbolic Value of Imagery
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I have just concluded my morning scripture study, which is a daily routine for me. I typically will make written notes of my studies. This morning’s studies were different though. Thoughts came to my mind in the form of images … Read More

An Evolving Business Model
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This website is the business presence for SunĀ  Swing Media Company, a company that was originally setup some 8 years ago (2006, was it?) to house an animation production that to this day I am still slowly working to produce. … Read More

Update: Watch 17 Miracles Online
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It was almost two years ago that I wrote a blog post about the LDS genre movie 17 Miracles being available for viewing online. I added the phrase “for free” to entice readers to my blog to engage in a … Read More

Update on the 30-Day Marathon
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Here’s a five minute update on progress with the 30-Day Film Making Marathon to raise awareness for “A Gift for Kathryn” fundraiser. I’m still working on yesterday’s (Day 15) film this morning, but have managed to stay on track or … Read More

30-Day Film Making Marathon: Second Day, Second Life
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I had an opportunity to travel up north yesterday and took advantage of it to produce the following:

30 Day Film Making Marathon, Day 1
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So as a way to raise awareness of the 2013 Fundraiser for “A Gift for Kathryn,” I thought of blogging about it for 30 days. My wife didn’t think that was such a good idea, though she’s doing the same … Read More