Don’t have time to setup a training session? Maybe you need the answers right now? eBooks from Sun Swing Media offer how-to knowledge on a variety of essential topics surrounding small business website management and WordPress training.

These eBooks closely reflect the content found in the live training sessions.

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Basics of Web Design: HTML & CSS – The foundation of creating content for web content, HTML is the language of the internet. CSS is its close sidekick companion responsible for the presentation of your website’s content. Learn how the two work together and take control of your own web content.

Introduction to WordPress – Get a jump start on getting your small business website up an running with no more expense than the cost of setting up a domain name and hosting solution for your website. Learn what settings to use under what circumstances and avoid common pitfalls of first time website owners.

About the Author

Brent A. Leavitt has been building websites since 2006. He has had the good fortune of working with businesses of all size, successful and otherwise. Brent, and his wife, Rachel, are currently managing a growing online venture in child birth and labor support training, which stands as a testament to his knowledge and skills involved in building successful online ventures.