Company Motto: a production house for animation, a repository for moral media theory, a web shop to pay the bills, and a refuge from the raging storm of immorality! Very much in same vein as Mister Roger’s personal ministry to change children’s programming, we’re on a mission to do the same thing for families.

Phoenix WordPress and Front-end Web Developer

A web shop to pay the bills means this is what we’ve been doing for the last 5 years to stay afloat. With a home office in sunny Maricopa, Arizona (30 minutes south of downtown Phoenix), we  currently service long-standing clients in Phoenix and Mesa with notably more clients out of state.  WordPress has become our platform of choice when developing new sites and migrating existing sites to a stable and up-to-date content management system (CMS).

Animation Studio for LDS Kid’s Videos and Family Entertainment

A little bit of every day is spent working on in-house animation projects. Recently, Sun Swing Media launched a new media initiative to create more LDS-based kids content.  We’ve done a few small third party animation projects, but mostly work on our own thing when it comes to animation.  Some of our completed animation projects are available for sale at the Sun Swing Theater.

A Gathering Place for Moral Media Principles

Supported by the belief that moral entertainment needs a strong foundation of critical thought and discussion, we publish papers from time to time that help to explore moral dimensions of media production.  We also openly solicit the contributions of third-party scholars and enthusiasts with insights on moral media production.

Holding Our Banner High

When it comes to morality and entertainment, this is not the same world in which our grandparents enjoyed growing up — going to the movies and watching Andy Griffith-esque t.v. shows.  We’ve held our standards high when it comes to projects and content that we will and will not associate ourselves with. We encourage all people everywhere to do the same. Media entertainment will change for the better when both producers and consumers lift their sights to higher ground.