Get the experience you need in a time frame that meets your demands. Brent Leavitt, entrepreneur and web developer for many years (since I was 14-years-old), offers insightful training in how to get your online business presence up an running for as little money as possible. Investing in the minimal cost of training through Sun Swing Media could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars immediately in setting up your website and your business for success.

Sun Swing Media currently offers two options for small business website training:  1) in-person training (within the greater Phoenix area and throughout Arizona) and 2) eBooks available instantly for immediate download.

In-Person Training Sessions

Get the benefit and experience of being  face to face with an instructor while learning the ins and outs of small business websites and how WordPress can greatly save you time and money through its vast open source library of information and low cost options. Live Training, please.


Closely related to the topics presented in the live class instruction, eBook training in small business websites and WordPress offer you instant access to tools and secrets designed to save you time and valuable resources in that crucial start up phase of any business online or otherwise. eBooks can be purchased and downloaded instantly. eBooks, please.

Not sure which would be best? Feel free to contact me to ask questions.  Asking never cost you anything.