An Evolving Business Model

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This website is the business presence for Sun  Swing Media Company, a company that was originally setup some 8 years ago (2006, was it?) to house an animation production that to this day I am still slowly working to produce. These past 8 years have represented a detour into web development, which in my opinion  is the definitive skill set for competing in the new world of business.

My latest business venture has been a joint venture with my wife into the world of online training services in the niche market of doula certification. It was an application of everything that I had learned over the past 7 plus years. Perhaps some day I’ll take the opportunity to detail the full experience, but it has been modestly successful to the point that we are able to provide for our needs.

With the success of this one venture which has become a recurring revenue stream of income, a greater good has been achieved in that I am able to turn my focus away from other business pursuits and prepare to tackle fully the original objectives of this business, to produce and distribute amazing, morally-grounded media for entertainment’s sake.  That mission has evolved and expanded over the years, but at the heart I’m back to where I began with much more experience and tools under my belt for success.

This website may slowly evolve to reflect a return to those original objectives, but it will also decrease in importance as I work to develop and promote other properties.  This blog will probably still be used for production-related notes and discussion. In year’s past, I’ve used this blog as a sounding board for moral media theory and LDS Cinema. Thoughts pertaining to film theory and LDS filmmaking principles will be housed at the aptly named blog.  Consumer-related notes on films distributed or exhibited can be found at the blog. Of course, the frequently visited website will continue to house a nice arrange of coloring page and probably will evolve to also host supplemental activities to support my other media projects.

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Brent is married to a very supportive woman, is father of a large family, and went into business for himself in 2006.

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