A Different Approach to Finance

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I am in my 42nd year of life on this earth. The closest I have ever come to achieving financial independence was almost 9 years ago, when out of the clear blue sky, an impression from heaven clear as day told me to leave it and leave the state with my family to go back home to Arizona. It’s been a very rough ride since then financially.

Yet, blessing have been abundant and almost unreal. Our first year back in the desert I became almost overwhelmed with the numerous miracles and otherwise unexplained series of events that provided temporal means for our family. Clearly, I had stumbled upon some divine gold ticket of sorts that was evidenced by the un-sought-for, but still gratefully received (and needed) temporal blessings.

I have a personal mantra that I have posted on my computer’s background, it is a verse of scripture:

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…

The promise: All these things shall be added unto you.

We labored for 6 years in Arizona to try and make things work. It didn’t financially. But two very important temporal blessings were secured. 1) an anonymous and again un-sought-for gift of furniture easily totally more than $5000 was received, and 2) our home had appreciated in value 2 1/2 times the purchase price! Realizing the blessing that we were sitting on top of, we relocated to Missouri, paid cash for our current home and furnished it with furniture that had been given us!

All this is true. And yet we haven’t figured out the secret to financial security after the manner of the Lord. In fact, I am of the opinion that those that follow the Lord don’t ever have the promise of financial security.

I am further brought to consider an important principle that I learned as a working college student. When I worked as a balloon artist, I had a strict agreement with the restaurants where I worked that I would not solicit tips. I could receive tips if offered, but I could not expect or suggest that I should be tipped.

There was an important principle at play that I believe may be a key to my current financial situation: Render the gift the same to everyone who would receive it. Make not distinction of persons regardless of the amount they are able to give. Treat all people equal.

Two things inevitably happened whenever I worked: 1) I was happy to serve everyone the same and 2) I was always blessed financially to have enough for our financial obligations. Always.

So now I am brought to consider how this approach to business might be an answer that remedies our financial situation, but also allows for our services to be more accessible to more people. Give freely to all people. All that would accept it may have it, and then ask the end user to compensate according to what they are able to afford.

Would it work? Could it work?

This is the foundation of Zion. Treat all equally. Make no distinction of persons. Receive what is given to you. Rejoice!

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Brent is married to a very supportive woman, is father of a large family, and went into business for himself in 2006.