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It was almost two years ago that I wrote a blog post about the LDS genre movie 17 Miracles being available for viewing online. I added the phrase “for free” to entice readers to my blog to engage in a conversation and it worked wonderfully. Since the original post I received a large handful of very thoughtful comments.

It has been two years, but I finally found a link to where you can download 17 Miracles online. I have to laugh about this because it was purely by chance as I was trying to find box office info about it recently. It wasn’t on the movie’s offficial website: 17 Miracles.com. It wasn’t at DeseretBook.com. No, it wasn’t where I would have thought to look to find a copy of 17 Miracles online.  Rather, I found the link at RottenTomatoes.com (blah!). I say “blah!” because I had to be exposed to everything else (advertisements) that was featured on the page.  And where was the movie available for download? iTunes.com. (Double blah!) Not that I don’t like Apple or iTunes. Well, okay.  I don’t like the iTunes software that I am forced to download on to my computer (I’m a PC user) to use their proprietary platform. But that’s neither here nor there.

The point is that, yes, 17 Miracles is available for download online through iTunes either as a rental or as a purchase. You can also watch it on Netflix as a rental.

(I’m going to keep writing for a minute or two more, but you can stop reading at this point if you just want to go watch the movie.) I am kind of dismayed by this though, as there is really no other options available out there for people looking for good, wholesome entertainment. It’s like saying you have to walk through the tabloids and magazine isle at the grocery store, before you can find the wholesome isle. I don’t have to do that when I walk into a Deseret Book store.  I know when I walk into any good Christian bookstore, that I’m not going to have to worry about what I see on the walls or the products that they have on display are going to be wholesome.  But if I want to go watch a good wholesome movie online what are my options? I’ve got to wade through the unsavory before I can find and purchase something better.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, and I’m working to make the online world a better place to find good entertainment online. It’s still small, but slowly I’ve setup a framework to house such an ideal. www.sun-swing.com .

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  1. Fabricio Pinto

    i like this movie

  2. Shonah

    Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated. I live in South Africa. I’m also looking for wholesome movies to download legally but am dismayed at the nonsense out there that I simply gave up for quite a while. I’m a novice at downloading and can’t watch online as the fees are way too high here. Is it possible for you to share some names of good family movies we could download please? Perhaps others could comment too? Many thanks and good luck to you on your quest on behalf of all of us. Kind Regards to you and your family from South Africa:)

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