The Symbolic Value of Imagery

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I have just concluded my morning scripture study, which is a daily routine for me. I typically will make written notes of my studies. This morning’s studies were different though. Thoughts came to my mind in the form of images and scenes, instead of words. As I prayed, I visualized principles in a symbolic fashion. Not as they would really look, but as they might be symbolically represented in imagery. Then as I began to read from the written words of the scriptures, more imagery played through my mind.

Having most of this study play out in my mind as images, I ask myself how do I make record of this? Do I draw out the pictures? The thought process went further as I thought about whether those images would be or in fact could be as effective of a record of transmitting information symbolically as words. Suddenly, I am considering the symbolic nature of all imagery, especially what we watch in motion pictures which so often we take a literal.

There is much more to study on this topic.

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