Parallels between Farm Production and Art Production

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This morning as I start to articulate my thoughts on this subject, it’s actually one that has been with me for a few years now. My move to the American Midwest has in part inspired my consideration of the two. I will not have an opportunity for learning from the film industry first hand. That is not my lot. Yet through trial and error with agriculture, there are significant parallels to be extracted, which thing I would have never had supposed of myself.

This morning I am brought to consider seasons, and how it is that fruit is produced in seasons, harvested in seasons. We live in a day where it seems that fruit can be bought at the grocery store at any time of year, and in some cases that is true through artificial manipulations. However, the natural order of things is to work in seasons: seasons for planning, seasons for aggressive action in planting, seasons for patience as things start off imperceptibly slow.

This leaves me with several assignments or considerations: The value of working in seasons and the necessity of working in the right season on the right tasks especially in the garden. This is actually a huge exercise in planning and strategic work. It is also an exercise of action in the appropriate season. This is different, notably, from the process of iterative code development which is increasingly a process of constant upgrades and updates. Art and farm production of necessity must happen in seasons.

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