The Word of God

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I have of late been much impressed by scriptural video depictions of the Word of God. Those that most deeply resonate with me are the ones that adhere the closest to the actual recorded scriptural texts. The Spirit is the strongest there.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me strongly this morning, as I have considered watered gardens and the need to teach the word of God as water to a garden. I am realizing what the Lord is calling me to do in this thing, and it is needful. The thought is this: make videos that depict the word of God, as beautifully and artistically as possible. Narratives that employ the words of God are even more powerful. What if we only told stories using the Word of God. Does that limit us to scripture only? Not sure. But the challenge to construct narratives only from scriptural texts is an interesting one.

What are my action items? To be determined.

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