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A Child Smiles Standing Close to ChristVisitors to the Sun Swing Media home page, may have noticed recently the addition of a striking new piece of photography depicting the Lord Jesus Christ with a child in a warm exchange of smiles. The photo, taken from the fine art photography series entitled “Reflections of Christ: Another Testament,” was created by photographer Mark Mabry. My interactions with Mark, though brief and remote, seem to reflect closely the Christ-like virtues that this professional photographer has worked to make a part of his profession and in deed of who he is.

What Mark had done for my own personal efforts in film making is reinforce the reality that now is the time and season for us to be more like our Master, to turn to Him for direction in our work, and to do that which has never been considered before. There are stories of virtue and faith, coupled with determination and courage, which deserve the attention of our best, most dedicated artists, who have refined themselves with the light of the Gospel of Christ. There has never been a season in the history of film making where this has been the case. That we are seeing it happen now and successfully, is extremely exciting.

To stay abreast of Mark’s latest musing, visit his photography blog at To view videos and slide shows from his fine art exhibits, visit Reflections of Christ: Another Testament.

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  1. Mark

    Thanks so much for the kind words. This popped up on my google alert and I’m happy I read it… kind of flattered and I’ll definitely try to live up to it. Thanks again! Good luck in your words.

  2. Brent Leavitt

    Thanks Mark! Well, I’m glad you stumbled across it after I fixed all the typo in your last name. I was spelling it “Marby,” instead of “Mabry”. Ha. A good friend was kind enough to point it out.

    Anyways, I try not to get to over-zealous in my observations and I have kind of come full circle. Where I was a lot a talk in earlier years, I’m trying to focus more on getting the work done, and highlighting those who are doing the same. Thank you.

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